Quality Management System according to ISO 9001:2008.

Environmental Management System according to ISO 14001:2004.

Items covered by Civil Product Liability Insurance against damage caused by manufacturing defects.
Products approved and certified by the German TÜV SÜD Product Service Institute in accordance to the European Standards in force EN 1176 - Playground equipment and surfacing Standards.


Our vigilance and scrupulousness , combined with the use of high quality raw materials, enable us to release the following warranty terms:

- High Pressure Laminate - HPL:1 0 years
- Load Bearing Structures in pressure treated wood: 5 years
- Polyethylene High-Density panels (PEHD): 5 years
- Other materials: 2 years

Warranty includes the supply, free of charge, of spare parts, in case of manufacturing defects,of defects in materials supplied or any breakage caused by mentioned defects.Warranty does not include discoloration of components exposed to UV rays, such as HPL panels, painted parts, etc.

These warranty conditions being recorded on the ”User Guide” supplied.This guide is necessary to ensure a proper installation, moreover is a valid document for the warranty claim.





The wood we use, originating from PEFC certified forests and in compliance with the European Standard EN 335, is previously subjected to a sanding process, edge rounding  and subsequently to a pressure treatment process, in accordance to the European Standard in force EN 351by using special preservatives, containing biocidal active substances, in order to provide full protection against both insects and fungal growth. Careful consideration is given to the wood supply which, although falling within the terms set out by current regulations, might under certain conditions fail to meet the aesthetic expectations, such as cracking

and splinters which may occur under critical climate conditions.


a) Coloured High Pressure Laminate protection panels (HPL), are particularly resistant and durable (European Standard EN 438).

b) Panels in multi-layer okoume mahogany wood glued with phenol formaldehyde resin are pantographed without sharp edges (EN 636).

c) Panels in multi-layer birch wood glued with phenol formaldehyde resin have an upper side with non-slip knurled surface and are finished with a coloured overlay film on both sides (EN 636). Phenol formaldehyde resin manufacturing process is suitable for outdoor use (European Standard EN 314 class 3).

d) Panels in polyethylene PEHD, embossed and anti UV, 100% recyclable. SPRINGS Springs are made of special painted steel according to the Standard DIN 17223. They have a diameter of cm 18 and cm 20 and are made with anti-pinch system. ROPES AND CHAINS Climbing nets and ropes are composed of 6 armed multifilament PP strands and multifilament PP core.

BREAKING LOAD: 2200 Kg SAFETY LOAD: 440 KG Small mesh chains, certified in accordance to European Standard EN 10204 are made of steel and then hot dipped galvanized (EN 1461).



Swing seats are made in impact-resistant rubber with aluminium core, certified in accordance to the European Standard EN 1176.




Structural assembly components such as joints and fixings are made of galvanized steel and/or stainless steel. Accessories (handles, footrests, cord-locks, nut-caps, bushings for swinging parts) are made of injection-molded coloured nylon and reinforced with fiberglass (NYLON PA6). Bolts and self-locking nuts are in galvanized steel 8.8 and/or stainless steel.




Slides are designed and realised according to the Standard in force EN 1176 and made of three different materials:

1) in fiberglass, entirely realised in high-density multiple coloured layers of resin.

2) in polyethylene, realised in rotomolded coloured highdensity polyethylene, fully recyclable.

3) in wood and stainless steel, lateral support in okoume mahogany plywood panels glued with phenol formaldehyde resin pantographed without sharp edges (EN 636), slide ramp made of stainless steel folded under pressure AISI 304/316